Respect For Privacy

Privacy is a high priority at so we protect those that use our North Carolina background check services in multiple ways.

Secure Transactions

In order to best protect credit card data provided by our customers, transfers data over the internet using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This means that while information is being transmitted over the internet, it is not readable by anyone other than our server and the client computer making the request.

Your Identity Is Safe

We do not share your identity with anyone so your connection to any background check you perform will not be discovered. Additionally, credit card numbers are securely encrypted in our database.  We make every effort to ensure the security of data we collect and store.

We Do Not Sell User Data

Some companies will sell their user data to third parties for marketing purposes. We do not! Your personal data is encrypted when you purchase our services and remains confidential at all times.

Public Records

The information returned in searches on our site are already a matter of public record.

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