Free North Carolina Background Checks Don’t Exist

Free North Carolina Background Checks Don’t Exist

We all want to save money when we can and background checks are no different.  If you search for “free North Carolina background checks” in Google you’ll get many, many results. Unfortunately I haven’t found one that is actually free.

north carolina background check payment optionsI followed one of the search results to a website I won’t name and started a search.  I entered a name, state and zip code and within a little while I got a list of potential name matches.  Once I selected a person I wanted to run the check on I answered two quick questions about how I would use the information. Then I was taken to a page where I could BUY the background check. My options – $19.95 plan billed monthly, a $16.67 per month plan billed annually, or a one-time report for $29.99.  What happened to free?

So, I explored another link on the search results.  Upon arriving there I was given an option to enter a first/last name to begin my search.  While the process started on one site I was quickly redirected to yet another site’s online search tool.  And, in the end I was again offered an opportunity to buy the background record.  It should be noted that second site did not advertise the free background check – it was the first site that is using deceptive methods to infer there will be no cost when in fact there was.

Why Background Checks Cost Money

Clerks in North Carolina courthouses work very hard to maintain accurate records of all criminal cases. It is a time consuming process that requires attention to detail and significant human resources and physical resources. In Wake County you can complete a request form for a certified background search for the fee of $25.  Or, you can go to the courthouse and search criminal records using a terminal they provide at no cost, but the results are not certified. But still, you have the expense of travel and personal time so it’s not entirely free.

Inexpensive Online Background Checks Do Exist

So, if you’re going to have to pay for a background check, why not select the least expensive and most convenient option out there?  North Carolina background checks on start at just $10.  If your search returns no cases then the subject of your search has a clean record in NC.  If there are cases listed you can view the details of a single case for just $5 more. Learn more about our background check pricing here.

Every company that provides online North Carolina background checks is accessing the same data we are from the North Carolina Court System.  Like us they buy this information.  The difference is – we offer criminal record information to you for less than our competitors.

Using is fast, anonymous, and inexpensive.  Start your inexpensive North Carolina background check now.